Topdon makes your repairing job an easy thing. Whether you are professional, DIY gearhead or beginner, you can experience the expertise with Topdon. What Topdon cares the most is to support customers from the very beginning of finding problems to solving the problems, and help them get what they need. Topdon was founded in 2017 and quickly gathered a group of automotive experts, DIY gearhead, and technicians to provide premium services for users. Used to be a pioneer of automotive aftermarket distribution channel for over 20 years, the founder knows what the clients want and he is trained to have keen eyes toward the industry, product, and clients. We focus on the current needs and prepare for future trends to always offer the best solutions for customers. Whether it’s one more solution or one more innovation, the smiles from our customers are the reason we keep going. Today, Topdon has over 100 industry-leading engineers, and ownsing over 140 intellectual property rights. We focus on chasing higher accurate, more efficient, and the cutting-edge technology and solution for our customers.

Our Mission—What we do?

With Topdon, Make your automotive repair an easy thing

Our Vision—Where we are going?

A one-stop solution leading provider for automotive diagnosis


We are dedicated to becoming a one-stop automobile diagnosis solution provider. Our service is not merely limited to the tools. What we care the most is to support clients from the very beginning of finding problems to solving the problems, and help them get what they need.

Topdon BT Mobile Lite Battery Analyzer 12V


or 3 installments of S$20.10 with atome
Topdon BT Mobile Pros Battery Tester 12V


or 3 installments of S$55.30 with atome
Topdon BT100 Battery Tester 12V


or 3 installments of S$30.17 with atome
Topdon T30A Tornado 30000 50Ah To 1000Ah 12V-24V 24


or 3 installments of S$178.33 with atome
Topdon T4000 Battery Charger And Maintainer 4A


or 3 installments of S$35.20 with atome
Topdon TB8000 Intelligent Pulse Agm Wet Gel Mf Efb 12V


or 3 installments of S$50.00 with atome
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