The CycleMount for GoPro cameras is a line of motorcycle specific mounts designed to deliver the best possible video quality and ease of use possible.  We relied on engineered mounting locations on the bike to provide secure platforms from which to attach our camera mounts.  We are targeting track and sport riders that want to take trouble free high quality video on the racetrack

The secret to the CycleMount’s  adjustability is the 360 degree rotation. No standard GoPro® mount allows for rotation, meaning if the mount isn’t exactly straight or exactly perpendicular to the direction of travel, the camera cannot be aimed correctly. The CycleMount™  solves this by having a central pivot pin that allows for full 360 degree rotation meaning no matter what angle your front fairing sits at you can point your camera perfectly straight and lock it down for rock solid video.

Having a camera mount bolt directly to the structure of the motorcycle improves video quality dramatically by eliminating the flex and vibration associated with stick on mounts on flexible bodywork. The mirror mount is the ideal location for a camera mount because it is solidly attached to the frame of the motorcycle and provides a clear view forward off the front of the bike or rearward towards the hand controls allowing for stunning video.

Fitment to the motorcycle is easy and we have two separate methods of attachment depending on the type of motorcycle being used.  For sportbikes with fairings we offer a mirror replacement baseplate and a complimenting mirror blockoff plate for the opposite side.  This allows the CycleMount to perform two tasks in one, a set of block-off plates to secure the upper fairing and a beautiful camera mount.  For standard bikes with threaded mirror mounts on the bar controls we offer a mount that threads into the factory mounting hole in standard M10x1.25mm pitch.  And if you really want to go crazy we have an M8x1.25 pitch for small scooters and mopeds for capturing paddock area entertainment (If you’re like us, you screw around on the pitbike when nobody’s looking!)   

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