Extreme Components started from the desire of its founder Stefano Bragagnolo to produce components for racing bikes that will meet the particular needs of the drivers and teams that participate in the various championships: national and world.

For our products we use only the highest quality materials, from Alu 7075 T6, for everything that comes from whole billet with hard anodic oxidation and laser engraves for Teams logos.

For fibers (worked in autoclave) we use only pre-preg fiber both for Carbon and Lavex, with the different typologies of weave in base at the final product the we have to produce.
For Carbon Fiber we use mainly Twill weave with the possibility for our customers to choose also the Plein weave.
The Lavex, an ultra light fiber with which we produce any type of products for all the championships where the carbon it’s not allowed.
Another type of fiber, made by work of dry fabrics is the Epotex. On it we use fiber glass in twill weave and a special epossidic resin to guarantee less weight and more flexibility than the normal Fiber Glass.

Research and development takes place exclusively through collaboration with the best teams engaged for years in the most prestigious national and world competitions, and only after specific tests, we start the production.

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