Our project begins in 2010, with one idea, to offer quality motorcycle accessories affordable for all pockets, intended primarily for motorcycle enthusiasts. This is how the ITR components, two lovers of the world of motorcycles experienced in the circuits, are born, who decide to start this new adventure.

Jose David and Nico create the brand ITR, designed for the public on foot, the people of the street, but based on the world of high competition. Our brand does not distinguish between motorcycles for circuits and road bikes, the parts are the same, our customers will enjoy the motorcycle accessories that are used by the big drivers around the world.

The main objective of ITR is to continue to grow with its employees, expand our family and consolidate as a reference in the world of two-wheeled motor.

But we still have a lot to do ... we keep the same enthusiasm as the first day, looking for new solutions and updating our catalog year after year thinking about our customers.

Welcome to ITR.


At ITR COMPONENTES, we work through and for large teams, world-class franchises. We are present on all circuits and in all national and international competitions, supporting our teams, their drivers and their young hopefuls.

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