Oxford Products Ltd (OXFORD) is a global leader in motorcycle and bicycle aftermarket products. Established in 1973, OXFORD is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of products to the two-wheeled industry. From its base in Oxfordshire, the company distributes to over 100 partners worldwide and has its own subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida, serving both North and South America. Its huge range of products encompasses everything which makes life on bikes better: from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks and luggage and more! Following unprecedented investment in staff, product development and infrastructure, the company now employs over 120 people. In 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron opened OXFORD’s significantly expanded 100,000 sq ft head office, congratulating the company’s staff on their achievements and ambition. Having established an impressive growth curve, which has seen turnover doubling every 5 years, the company has further ambitious expansion plans both at home and abroad.

OXFORD products are designed in-house by a combined team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians. They use the latest CAD technology and 3D printing techniques to innovate, analyse, test and develop the range in pursuit of the best product experience for their customers. In addition to OXFORD branded products, the company uses its expertise to design and produces for many other labels around the world. Like many of its products, which have wider appeal in other outdoor-based markets, this activity is not restricted to the two-wheeled industry.

We’d all like to be riding concours-standard machinery every day, but who has time for all those toothbrush antics?

Refresh your bike quickly, safely and with the minimum effort using clever formulations developed with an in-depth knowledge of the riding environment. Enjoy:

• Powerful, safe, biodegradable, streak-free cleaners.

• Easy-to-apply, high performing lubes and maintenance sprays.

• Quick and easy detailing products, with a long-lasting finish. All with a minty fresh odour. FAST, EFFECTIVE, SAFE… and just a little bit minty!

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Mint OC100 Bike Wash 1 ltr
Features A universal cleanser specially formulated to quickly remove dirt Mint Bike Wash is ..
Mint OC101 Bike Wash 5 ltr
Features A universal cleanser specially formulated to quickly remove dirt Mint Bike Wash is ..
Mint OC200 Chain Cleaner 500ml
Features Highly efficient cleaner designed specifically for fast and safe removal of the most ..
Mint OC201 Bike Degreaser 500ml
FeaturesQuickly and safely removes highly settled dirt, accumulated grease from all metal, plastic, ..
Mint OC202 Brake Cleaner 500ml
Features Very powerful degreaser for brake discs and drums, spark plug couplings The special formula..
Mint OC203 Silicone Detailer 500ml
Features A premium grade silicone spray that protects and delivers gloss to all plastic and me..
Mint OC204 General Protectant 500ml
Features A preservative that greatly reduces maintenance costs, prevents corrosion and irradiates th..
Mint OC205 Dry Weather Lube 500ml
Features Lubricating, very adherent lubricant for enduro, trial and motocross motorcycle chains It i..
Mint OC206 Wet Weather Lube 500ml
Features Lubricating, highly adhesive lubricant for road motorcycle chains It is specially developed..
Mint OC207 All Weather Lube 500ml
Features Lubricating highly lubricating chain lubricant for all road motorcycles Designed fo..
Mint OC300 Helmet Sanitiser Foam 200ml
Special formula for cleaning and safe disinfection of the inner lining on the helmets. It can also b..
Mint OC301 Antifog Spray 250ml
Specially developed, easy-to-use non-swellable liquid for plexi shields and glasses. The composition..
Mint OC302 Helmet Visor Cleaner 250ml
Unique formula specially designed to clean the helmets and stitches without splashes.When applied wi..
Mint OC400 Wax Cotton Proofer 250ml
Features Impregnated silicone-free spray for waxed cotton garments. Quickly and comfortably restore ..