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ARgon Transform, the world’s first dual camera Augmented Vision System (HUD) helmet attachment, is the brainchild of WHYRE, a Singapore-based startup. It is designed to consolidate all the separate riding essentials into one smart device, not only to enhance rider safety, but also to improve the over all riding experience.

Armed with a proprietary Augmented Vision System, the device fundamentally aims to increase the rider’s situational awareness by providing them vision of their blindspots. ARgon Transformis able to deliver vital visual information in real time to the rider .

  • Integrated rechargeabl e battery ( 5 hours of usage)
  • Dedicated high speed computing board
  • High-definition wide-angle lens camera
  • Bluetooth capabilites
  • Expandable memory
  • Separate audio and microphone system ·
  • Patent-pending easy-mount system


  • Optimized Augmented Vision System ( Augmented Reality HUD)
  • High-definition dashcam
  • Blackbox recording feature
  • Patent-pending easy-mount system




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