VROOAM Lubricants is a young and dynamic company based in The Netherlands. Established by professional engineers

with years of experience in the lubricants industry. Our fields of interest are in the Powersports and the Marine industry.


VROOAM Powersports

With passion for Powersports and years of experience, is our goal in the Powersports industry to exceed rider’s and

drivers expectations of high achievement for Powersport vehicles. We take powersports to the next level with our

technically superior lubricants. Performance is our main priority at all times.



The open waters are our laboratory for developing technically superior heavy duty marine lubricants. Thanks to our

partners in shipping we can truly understand the need of developing high quality marine lubricants that can extend oil

intervals and reduce operation costs. We understand the marine industry, as we are from the Netherlands:

Product performance, durability and cost efficiency is in our DNA.


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Vrooam 63813 Brake and Clutch Fluid Dot4
Features For extreme conditions and keeps viscosity in cold and hot environments. High dry b..
Vrooam 63814 HBP Factory Racing Brake Fluid
Features 100% synthetic brake fluid with a high dry boiling point of 310°C. For continuous braking r..
Vrooam 63904 Clear Chain Lube
FeaturesReduces friction and loss of power. Increases chain life. Water and corrosion resistant. Com..
Vrooam 63905 White Chain Lube
FeaturesExtreme adhesion and will therefore operate perfect in road-race conditions. Increased appli..
Vrooam 63907 Chain Cleaner
FeaturesFor cleaning power sport chains. Chain cleaning increases chain life. The chain operating e..
Vrooam 63908 Clear Tack Racing Chain Lube
FeaturesA 100% synthetic high performance long-lasting adhesive high-speed racing chain lube.Especia..
Vrooam 63913 Brake & Parts Cleaner
Features A brake and parts cleaner for strong cleaning and degreasing of all mechanical parts ..
Vrooam 63934 Silicone Spray
FeaturesLeaves a protective dry shine.Dries evenly and protects paintwork and varnish from dust, ins..
Vrooam 63935 Power Wax and Shine
FeaturesVrooam power wax+ provides long protection, colour depth and quick cleaning.This product con..
Vrooam 63944 Total Cleaner
Features Power Gel Formula, doesn’t drip for optimal deep cleaning result. Doesn’t leave res..
Vrooam 63964 Power Foam Multi Cleaner
FeaturesAdvanced formula for multifunctional cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum of applica..
Vrooam 63972 Blue Tack Waterproof Grease
FeaturesGrease with EP-additives for medium speed operated bearings and plain bearings. It provides ..
Vrooam AS63604 VR90 4T Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-50
Features 100% Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Engine Oil for all-performance air cooled 4 stroke motor..
Vrooam AS63624 VR50 4T Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 15W-50
Features Semi synthetic 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil meets the highest specifications and cl..
Vrooam AS63634 VR50 4T Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-40
Features Semi synthetic 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil meets the highest specifications and cl..