Translogic Systems Ltd has been involved in aftermarket race performance accessories for 17 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience which has allowed us to become a world leader in technology performance products. We are pioneers in Quickshifter systems. Quickshifter sensors using in house strain gauge technology, gear position display products and tiptronic Powershifter push button shifters. We have enjoyed great success both on and off the race track with our world renowned Quickshifter systems. New exciting products are constantly being developed to continue being the number one technology supplier to both OEM and after-sales market segments and feature in virtually every championship in the world and are used in Moto2, Moto3, BSB, WSB and many more...

Translogic Systems Ltd is proud to have a unique relationship with its race teams and develop its products with the aid of the best technicians within the industry culminating in the most reliable and easy to set-up shifter systems available. Products are designed with years of experience and with the use of the leading 3D parametric computer software technology giving us the ability to move through rapid development, thorough testing and into production with confidence. Translogic Powershifter systems. Micro Dash systems as well as Quickshifter systems are also featured in other autosport segments, British Touring Car Championship, Classic Formula 1 racing, GT Supercar and more, testament to Translogic's superior product reliability and design.

Translogic Systems Ltd products have been featured in many films and more recently in the latest Batman release, `The Dark Night Rises'. Film companies and special effect studios depend on products supplied by Translogic to create the mind blowing motorcycle and car chases. The Powershift push button gear shift products offer a unique solution to shifting gear on motorcycle applications where the actors/stunt riders simply can't change gears without the aid of remote gear changing. Translogic Systems Ltd can provide the solution to many unusual applications ensuring the highest quality viewing experiences for audiences the world over.

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Translogic BA41MT10DCS Blip Assist System for Yamaha MT10 2016
Features Designed to compliment Translogic's Intellishift DCS systems and Powershift systems. The ..
Translogic BA4R1DCS Blip Assist System for Yamaha R1 2015
Features Designed to compliment Translogic's Intellishift DCS systems and Powershift systems. The Bl..
Translogic DCSM65VJ3 DCS Format Sensor 5 Volts with M6 Thread
Features DCS 5volt sensor that operates in both directions Push and pull for tie rod installations ..
Translogic GP DCS R1 Format Sensor with M6 Thread
Features BlipAssist ECU. Bipolar DCS switch. Shift rod. Warm up switch Assy YZF-R1 / R1M after 20..
Translogic IS1DCSC2KM85 2 Channel Intellishift Quickshifter System for Duke & RC125/200/390
Features The Shifter is completely independent. Fast plug and play editing The smallest shifter in t..
Translogic IS1DCSHA85 2 Channel Intellishift Quickshifter System for Honda CBR250R
FeaturesQuickshifter from the renowned Translogic brand.The Intellishift model dedicated to Honda CB..
Translogic ISQA Quickset Adjuster for IS1,IS2,IS3 & IS4 Quickshifter Systems
Features This is an optional adjuster for on-the-fly settings. Suitable only for Translogic Intelli..
Translogic TRFM Tie Rod M8 Female Silver Threads
Tie-rod for GP/DCS sensor installations, M8 female and M6 male thread..