Brembo is a world leader in the design, development and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles and machinery, for the OE market, after-market and racing. The Group has recently branched out into the design and production of safety systems.

Brembo guarantees the utmost safety and comfort and improved product performance thanks to process integration and optimisation of the entire production cycle, from the initial design and cast-iron or aluminium casting to assembly, testing and simulations on the bench, track and road.

Brembo's constant quest for innovation calls for new technologies, new materials, new shapes and new markets; product performance is accompanied by the search for a unique style in line with the design of the equipped vehicles.
Research at Brembo is conducted at the Research & Development Centre, which has also been involved since 2002 in mechatronics, a border science that combines mechanics, electronics and informatics.

The increasing application of ecocompatible technologies, recycling of all materials used in the production process and systematic prevention of all forms of pollution all bear witness to Brembo's commitment to safeguarding the environment. For Brembo the workforce is considered an invaluable asset, providing the thrust and drive that lead to any breakthrough – Brembo works as one great team.

Brembo sells its products in 70 different countries and has production sites in Italy, UK, Poland, Czech Rep., Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Mexico, China and India. The products are marketed by companies located in the main outlet markets, with headquarters in France, UK, Sweden, Russia, the USA and Japan.

The Group has 10.000 collaborators; close on 10% of whom are engineers and product specialists involved in research and development.

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Brembo 01538620 Hose Clamp
Elastic metal clamp, allows quick connection of rubber hose to the pump and to the brake fluid reser..
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Brembo 02516811 Tape For Temperature
FeaturesIts unmatched racing experience and collection of victories.The undisputed benchmark for the..
Brembo 02516812 Tape For Temperature
FeaturesIts unmatched racing experience and collection of victories.The undisputed benchmark for the..
Brembo 04816411 Brake Fluid LCF600+500ml
FeaturesAn independently proven low compressibility at high temperatures.A typical dry boiling point..
Brembo 04816420 Brake Fluid HTC64T+500ml
FeaturesBrembo HTC 64T can handle high temperatures without loss of pedal feel Has been specifically..
Brembo 04816450 EVO 500ml Dot 4-Sports Brake Fluid
Brembo Sport EVO 500 works in a wide range of environments, suitable for everything from daily drivi..
Brembo 04816490 Conditioning Fluid 250ml
FeaturesSCF has been developed to give the best initial surface conditioning to new Brembo Racing br..
Brembo 06222845 Banjo Bolt
Features These steel Brembo banjo bolts are for single line applications using M10x1.0 threads M..
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Brembo 06261030 Pressure Switch
Features Pressure Switch Assembly for Single Banjo Bolt application Single Banjo Bolt pressure s..
Brembo 06537503 Rubber Hose
Features Brembo brake hose, inside 6 mm, outside 10 mm, pressure 45 bars. This pipe is the corre..
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Brembo 07835424 Z04 Pad
Brembo 07835424 Z04 Pad Record-breaking performance, durability and safety Pads with the Brembo Ra..
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Brembo 07B36640 Pad Pin Z03
FeaturesTop Performance for the highest level of racing under all conditions.Constant performance of..
Brembo 07H050RC CBR600/1000 Race Pads
Brembo 07H050RC CBR600/1000 Race Pads Designed and tested for predominantly performance-oriented st..
Brembo 07YA46RC R1 2010 Race Pads
Brembo 07YA46RC R1 2010 Race Pads Designed and tested for predominantly performance-oriented street..
Brembo 08715292 Disc DP 218
Brembo 08715292 Disc DP 218 Safety, performance and comfort for all types of motorcycles. Brembo o..
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