Helstons is one of France’s oldest and most respected makers of motorcycle apparel. Back in the day, they were particularly renowned for their leather. In America there was Vanson and Schott, in the UK there was Lewis Leather and the French equivalent was Helstons. The company was probably at its height in the mid-sixties, the name being very much associated with the cafe-racer movement. Refusing to go down the route of off-shore, mass-production, the business faded from view as the family that owned it diverted resources into their highly successful fashion business. But now, Helstons is back in a big way, and we think that their current collection is one of the most stylish and technically interesting on the market.

There’s nobody in the motorcycle world who knows more about constructing leather clothing than the folk at Helstons. It’s all in the detail; the way in which the panels are sewn together, the oils and waxes that are used to treat the leather, the seams, the linings. The guys at Helstons are obsessive and nothing escapes their scrutiny. The end result is a range of clothing that is as beautiful to the eye, as it is exquisite to wear. Not that Helstons should be seen as a fashion business that is merely dabbling in the bike world for credibility. This is a motorcycle company though and through and, on a technical level, Helstons is right up there. All their leather jackets, boots and gloves have a waterproof membrane; jackets come with a back protector as standard and anti-abrasion panelling on the sleeves. Put all these factors together and you’d normally expect to pay a pretty penny, but Helstons’ prices are remarkably reasonable, in fact, they’re pretty amazing.

The truth is that you simply can’t buy this kind of heritage, quality of components and construction, and technical performance, at the prices being offered by Helstons. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, here’s a brand that’s got everything you’re ever going to want.


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Helstons 71 Cotton T-Shirt- Grey/Black
FeaturesTee-shit for menMade of cottonBlack short sleevesType of equipment: T-ShirtMaterial: Cotton..
Helstons Basik Perforate Leather Gloves
Features Summer Man Style Perforated Cattle Leather Two-Tone Brown Full-grain leather Sm..
Helstons Basket C5 Leather Shoes
Features Men's model Cowhide Sneaker Fully lined in cowhide Reinforced selector Rain p..
Helstons Benny Mesh Fabrics Gloves- Black/Grey
Features Summer Man Style Palm Leather reinforced with aramid fibers DuPontTM KEVLAR Tightening wris..
Helstons Brock Cotton T-Shirt- Blue
FeaturesHelstons presents his Brock t-shirtMaterial:100% cottonThe Short sleevesRound collarMan mode..
Helstons Charly Leather Gloves
Features Summer Man Style Soft Camel Perforated Cattle Leather-Black Full-grain leather ..
Helstons Corporate Leather Gloves
Features Summer Man Style Perforated Soft Cow Leather Camel- Black Full grain leather Sm..
Helstons Corporate Mesh Leather Gloves
Features Summer Man Style Perforated Soft Cow Leather Camel- Black Full grain leather Sm..
Helstons Custom Cotton T-Shirt- Grey
Features Vintage Motors presents: Helstons Custom Men's T-Shirt 100% Cotton Made in the EU..
Helstons Daytona Men Mesh Fabrics Jacket
Features Summer jacket black breathable fabric and black poly nylon fabric very resistant Ve..
Helstons Daytona Women Mesh Fabrics Jacket- Black
Features Women's model Summer jacket black breathable fabric and black poly nylon fabric very resis..
Helstons Genesis Girl Mesh Cotton Jacket- Blue
Features Jacket Blouson made of ventilated fabric and cotton canvas. Clamping tabs on the sides and ..
Helstons Gentleman Cotton T-Shirt- Beige
FeaturesHelston's presents its men's cotton t-shirt, the Gentleman in aged white.This T-shirt has a ..
Helstons Leather Cream - Kit N1
Features Maintenance Product - Kit N 1 Black Balm # 1 Helstons is used regularly to clean, n..
Helstons Leather Cream - Kit N2
Features Maintenance Product - Kit N 2 The # 2 Helstons Colorless Balm is used regularly to ..