This is Donvdimotiv Dynamik GmbH. We design and produce Superbike parts and accessories all around the world.

There are three major elements of our products.
 -Premium CNC aluminum parts :

 lever, grip, handlebar, handlebar cap, handlebar raiser, damper mounting kit, protective parts, faring guards, sliders, engine protective cover,  versatile bracket, side stand enlarger, oil filter wrench, engine oil cap.

-Functional accessories made of high carbon steel and electrical accessories:

Sprocket, bike stand, engine guard, LED signal light, External USB power supply kit, bike cover.

-Basic maintain supplies and OEM genuine parts:

Battery, oil filter, hi-flow air filter, brake pad, chain, OEM lever, OEM signal light, OEM back mirror, OEM backlight.


    "DMV Moto Gene" is a concept way beyond your imagination, our purpose is to build up a better quality and to become well known throughout world wide, we explore and develope all different range of innovative after market parts and accessories for motorcycles/superbike. As we're still in the middle of building up a new revolutiomary website which allows you to learn more about our production.


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