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Komine SK 698 CE Body Armored Vest

  • S$91.00 S$130.00


SK-698 CE Body Armored Vest

・ New version of SK-623 with CE approved KOMINE original chest armor
・ CE approved back protector with KOMINE original plastic shell
・ Advanced protection vest, providing excellent torso safety
・ Ergonomically molded chest protector for improved fit
・ CE certified hard chest & back protector
・ 3D mesh padding at the stomach and shoulders for excellent air flow

・ KOMINE original back protector shell
・ Stretch mesh
・ KOMINE original chest protector
・ Side open style
・ 3D mesh padding
・ Side adjust belt

Sizes: M ・ L ・ XL ・ 2XL
Colors: Black
Materials: Polypropylene ・ Polyester ・ Polyethylene ・ Nylon
Protectors: Chest ・ Back

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