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SBS 740HS Front Sinter Brake Pad for Yamaha FJR1300 06-

  • S$42.00


The perfect combination of fade-free brake performance, brake feel and thermal stability.
Especially developed for sport riding and high loads from heavy motorcycles. The HS lining is rotor friendly,the performance is stable under dry as well as wet conditions and no thermal bedding-in is required.
Recommended for new generation, high performance sports, touring and custom motorcycles which are originally equipped with sinter metal brake pads.

Compound (identified by the last two letters of the part number):

  • HS sintered compound intended specifically for front brakes, typified by particularly good efficiency under all operating conditions. An ideal alternative to OE pads.only for front calipers
  • LS sintered compound intended specifically for rear brakes, stable in all operating conditions

Please Note that every product is a set of pads for 1 caliper therefore for 1 disk, so if your bike has two front disk the right quantity is 2 products

We work hard every day to correct any application mistake, we published all the information we have to let you check if the pads are correct, before ordering use the informations you find on our web site,

We provided all the tools to ensure the compatibility, on our part we can not be responsible for any application mistake, however , before and after your purchase we will be glad to assist you, to advise and to solve any issues and to facilitate an eventual replacement .


TRIUMPHTrophy SE 12002013 - 2018
YAMAHAFJR A 13002013 - 2020
YAMAHAFJR ABS 13002006 - 2012
YAMAHAFJR AE 13002016 - 2019
YAMAHAFJR AS 13002013 - 2019
YAMAHAXV A 19002011
Product type: Brake pads
Quality: HS
Catalog number: 740
Numbers in set: 4
Rear plate height: 53.40
Rear plate width: 44.50
Total thickness: 8.60
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