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Ventura VP085 Light Guard for Yamaha YZF 1000 Thunder Ace

  • S$55.00

VENTURA motorcycle accessories are manufactured by Dold Industries Ltd and are respected around the world for their innovative design, quality and attention to detail. For many years we have been manufacturing products that meet the demands and needs of motorcyclists.

Developed from the need to protect the elaborate and expensive headlight systems fitted to modern motorcycles VENTURA brings you a product that will not only help save you the expense of replacing broken headlights but will also ensure that the chances of being stranded on a lonely highway at night are minimal.

Why take the chance?

Fit a VENTURA Light-Guard today and be sure of arriving at your destination without the drama of a broken headlight. The range of VENTURA Light-Guards is constantly being updated for all the latest motorcycles. Our research and development never stops.

Only the finest materials...

VENTURA Light-Guards are manufactured from high quality, impact resistant space age Zykalon CS(tm), are economically priced, can be fitted in seconds and look really great on your bike.

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