Rs Taichi TRV063-MENS Motorcycle Teccell Chest Protector With Button for Mens

RS Taichi
  • S$160.00

Product information

  • The world's lightest among products that have cleared CE standard LV.2 by using polypropylene resin with a specific gravity lighter than water and adopting a honeycomb core structure configured with special molding technology.
  • In addition, since it is made of a single material, the entire protector exhibits high impact absorption.
  • The CPS (chest protector system) of the TAICHI jacket, as well as jackets made by other companies, can be easily installed if there is a button system for attaching the protector.
  • If you don't have a button system, you can purchase TRV065 (fitting belt for CPS) and wear it on your body.
  • Enjoy comfortable touring in case of emergency with the TECCEL chest protector, which protects the chest, which is prone to serious damage, while also being lightweight.
  • Size: H200 x W260 x T17mm (8.5mm x 2 layers)
  • Weight: 200g



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