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Founded in 1996 in the motorcycle sector for the design and development of specific parts for all types of motorcycle;initially the company concentrated exclusively on the design and manufacture of mechanical and cycling parts.Throughout the years the structure has been equipped with increasingly more sofisticated instrumentation and two halls assigned to trial bench testing for engines-in which the most advanced techniques are implemented to verify set-up and engine power.

Research studies do not only deal with mechanical development but also cycle improvement through the  design and manufacture of specific parts for every motorcycle.The numerical check machines allow technicians to extend their experience gained over the years to parts in distribution to the public and also to be able to respond to the most particular and special needs,demands and requests of its customers with a supply of finished products.
Now, thanks to the technological competence achieved over time and the aquisition of highly advanced design and manufacturing instrumentation, the company can be an ideal answer for the solution to industrialisation problems which  could arise during the course of design or prototyping of any kind of mechanical component.

Experience and knowledge has also allowed the staff to dedicate themselves to the designing of a 4-stroke aviation propellor,produced afterwards as a prototype and currently in the experimentation stage.    Within the areas of this project, special resources have been assigned to the study, the research and the technical application with an aim to decrease enviromental, air and sound pollution of every motor vehicle.   

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