Rs Taichi RSB280 Belt Pouch

RS Taichi
  • S$45.00

Product information

  • A 3-way multi-function pouch that can be used as a shoulder, waist, or leg pouch with the attached belt.
  • You can store enough items such as smartphones, wallets, mobile batteries, etc. that are necessary when you go out.
  • Shoulder / waist belt included
  • Key hook
  • Flutter prevention thigh belt included
  • Material : 100% polyester

Product Details

By adopting a rotary buckle, the range of movement is expanded and it follows the movement of the body when riding.

By attaching gussets to both sides of the front space, the stored items will not easily fall off even if they are opened wide when taken out.

Equipped with a hole for the USB cord to pass between the front side and body side space, it is possible to charge even when the smartphone is stored in the front side space and the mobile battery is stored in the body side space.

Equipped with a key hook in the body side space. The motorcycle key can be stored quickly when getting on and off, and it is easy to take out.

Payment Methods

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