Komine GK220 Protect Mesh Motorcycle Gloves

  • S$48.00 S$60.00


  • Mesh glove with new rubber knuckle guard.
  • The appeal is a hard look and a good fit that wraps up against you.
  • Smartphone operation is also possible.
  • Materials : Synthetic Leather, Spandex, Polyester, Nylon, Neoprene, Goat Leather
  • Protectors : Knuckle, Finger, Palm, cuff
  • Reflector : Equipped with a reflector that enhances visibility at night

  • Three-dimensional cutting : Three-dimensional cutting that enhances mobility

  • Available season

  • Copy Protection : With anti-counterfeit label applying special hologram technology

  • Smart tip : The special material placed on the fingertips allows the touch panel to be operated even while wearing gloves.

  • Clarino : Artificial leather with excellent wear resistance. Used on the palm of gloves to ensure safety.

  • Mesh : Uses breathable mesh material

  • 3D Mesh

  • 3D mesh pad

  • Carbon : Mainly used for glove protectors. Carbon fiber enhances strength.

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