Komine WJ 737S Riding Jeans

  • S$30.00 S$100.00
  • or 3 installments of S$10.00 with atome


  • Stretch skinny jeans that can be easily worn with a protector just like regular clothes.
  • Standard equipped with level 2 CE protectors on both knees.
  • A recommended price for entry riders at an affordable price.
  • The stretch denim stretch makes it as comfortable as wearing a protective gear.
  • Outer type that makes it easy to attach and remove the proteter. Reflector on the bottom of the hem can be used by rolling up.
  • Knee protector is also available in hard type (SK-635 / sold separately).
  • Materials : cotton
  • Protectors : Knee
  • Standard equipment on the waist and knees

  • Scalability : Equipped with shirring telescopic panel to enhance mobility

  • Three-dimensional cutting : Three-dimensional cutting that enhances mobility

  • Available season

  • Komine CE Elbow / Knee

  • External Protector

  • Copy Protection : With anti-counterfeit label applying special hologram technology

  • Ladies size development : In addition to the normal size, we also offer sizes for women

  • Elastic Fabric

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