RS TAICHI RSR045 DRYMASTER RAIN SUIT – “Lightweight, High Performance”


As riders we know that a rain suit is an indispensable item.


But we need one which is suited to our fickle weather, where we can have rain for a couple of kilometers before the sun comes out, then followed by rain again. It becomes an excruciating affair when we have to stop all the time to first put on the rain suit, then taking it off before putting it back on, and repeating that feat especially through a long-distance ride.


Worry not, because we have the solution for you. Introducing the RS Taichi RSR045 Drymaster Rain Suit.



·     w Waterproof and breathable DRYMASTER construction.

·      Adjusters on forearm and waist.

·      Loop adjusters on the hips for even better seal again water.

·      Seamless hip construction for high waterproofing.

·      Ventilation opening on the back to exhaust warm and stale air.

·      Waterproof internal pocket.

·      Non-waterproof external pocket.


The very first aspect you will notice about the RSR045 is how surprisingly it feels like a sweater you would wear in the office. The fabric like shell is soft to the touch and is not plasticky. The advantage of this is two-fold: Firstly, and most importantly, the material breathes and pulls away your body heat, thereby keeping you cool underneath. This avoids having to stop every time the rain stops. Secondly, the garment is light to provide easy storage.


This is due to the RS Taichi’s proprietary Drymaster technology which utilizes a waterproof polyurethane coating. It keeps water out while venting out hot air from the inside, like a one-way valve.


The zipper opening consists of two overlapping flaps for secure sealing again the rain. The zipper itself is high in quality to ensure reliable usage.


As for safety, there are large reflective panels throughout the jacket and the pants legs. The Taichi logos are also reflective.


The RS Taichi RSR045 Drymaster Rain Suit is offered in five exciting colours.