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Athena GK-LCIEVO-001 Lambada Kit

  • S$880.00


  • TLC1-EVO lambda KitLC1-EVO lambda is the new Lambda kit developed by GET.
  • It's a lightweight and small size
  • It fits easily on your racing motorbike.
  • The LC1-EVO is an electronic device that measures the proportion of oxygen in the exhaust gas. 
  • Best combustion and as a result maximum power.
  • The kit includes the Lambda Wide Band (Bosch LSU 4.2) sensor connected to the LC1-EVO conditioning unit.
  • In the case of many cylinders, you can connect several LC1 devices simultaneously.
  • The LC1-EVO device can be fitted without any battery in all batteryless applications such as racing off-road motorbikes.
  • The VT1 device can be connected to the LC1-EVO for Lambda value and working temperature display.
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