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Hiflo Oil Filter HF 303 for Honda Bikes

  • S$15.00

Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

To achieve our quality aims and to ensure the consistency of our products, we use only premium materials from well known manufacturers: steel from Toyota Tsusho and NKK Japan, glue from Henkel Germany, filter paper from Ahlstrom Filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA and Awa Paper Japan.

Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory. The whole manufacturing process, including the checking of raw materials, individual filter testing, is regularly audited and verified independently by TÜV SÜD.

  • Replaces OEM part numbers-Polaris: 308 49 63
  • Hiflofiltro oil filters provide the highest quality in filtering with a longer life than comparable OEM filters, test results prove 28% longer service life than o.E. Brands
  • Constructed of the finest materials Available: Steel from Toyota Tsusho & NKK Japan, glue from Henkel Germany, filter paper from Ahlstrom filtration Finland, Hollingsworth & Vose USA & Awa paper Japan
  • Every oil filter goes through 16 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory and the whole manufacturing process, is regularly audited & Verified independently by TUV SUD
  • With the experience of more than four decades, continuous research and development and modern production facilities, Hiflofiltro manufactures some of the best quality oil filters in the world
Brand Model Year
Bimota 600 YB9 SR / SRi / Bellaria 1991-1999
Bimota 1000 YB8 1991-1995
Bimota 1000 YB10 Dieci / Biposto 1991-1994
Bimota 1000 YB11 1996-1999
Honda CB400 (CB-1) (Japan)  
Honda CB400 FM (CB-1) (Japan)  
Honda CB400 Super Four (Japan)  
Honda CB400 F2N Super Four (Japan)  
Honda CBR400 RRH  
Honda CBR400 RRJ Arm  
Honda CBR400 RR Arm  
Honda NT400 J,K-2 BRO'S (Japan)  
Honda RVF400 (Japan) 1999
Honda VLX400 Shadow (Japan)  
Honda VFR400 R 1987
Honda VFR400 RH,RH2,RJ3 Pro-Arm 1987-1989
Honda VFR400 R3-L,M,N 1990-1993
Honda CB500 1994-2002
Honda CB500 1998-2002
Honda CB500 Cup 1999
Honda CBF500 2004-2008
Honda CBF500 ABS 2004-2008
Honda CB600 F Hornet 1998-2002
Honda CB600 S F2-Y Hornet 2000-2002
Honda CBR600 1987-1990
Honda CBR600 FM Hurricane 1991-1994
Honda CBR600 FS 1995-1998
Honda CBR600 FX 1999-2000
Honda NTV600 J,K,L,M 1988-1992
Honda VT600 Shadow VLX 1988-1993
Honda VT600 Shadow VLX 1993-1995
Honda VT600 Shadow VLX 1995-1998
Honda VT600 Shadow VLX 1999-2007
Honda VT600 Shadow VLX Deluxe 2005
Honda XL600 V-H,J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y Transalp 1987-2000
Honda CB650 F2 1991-1992
Honda NT650 J,K,L Hawk GT 1988-1991
Honda NT650 V Deauville 1998-2005
Honda NTV650 1988-1991
Honda NTV650 Revere 1993-1997
Honda XL650 V Transalp 2001-2007
Honda XRV650 Africa Twin 1988-1990
Honda VFR700 F Interceptor (USA) 1990-1992
Honda CB750 F2-N 1992-2000
Honda CB750 Seven Fifty 2001-2002
Honda CB750 Nighthawk 750 1991-2003
Honda RVF750 R 1994-1998
Honda VF750 V45 Magna 1994-2003
Honda VF750 Shadow 1999-2000
Honda VF750 CP,CS 1993-1995
Honda VFR750 1988-1989
Honda VFR750 1990-1995
Honda VFR750 1996-1998
Honda VFR750 1988-1992
Honda VT750 Shadow 1997-2002
Honda VT750 Shadow A.C.E. 750 Deluxe 2002-2003
Honda VT750 Shadow 1999-2001
Honda VT750 DC Shadow Spirit 2001-2007
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 1990-1992
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 1993-2002
Honda PC800 Pacific Coast 1989-1990
Honda PC800 Pacific Coast 1995-1998
Honda VFR800 Interceptor 1998-1999
Honda VFR800 Interceptor (CBS & PGM) 2000-2001
Honda CBR900 RR-Fire Blade 1992-1995
Honda CBR900 RR- Fire Blade 1996-1999
Honda CB1000 1993-1997
Honda CBR1000 FH 1987-1988
Honda CBR1000 FK 1989-1992
Honda CBR1000 FP 1993-1994
Honda CBR1000 FS 1995-1999
Honda CBR1000 F Hurricane 1987-1995
Honda VTR1000 F Fire Storm 1997-2002
Honda VTR1000 F Super Hawk 1998-2002
Honda VTR1000 SP-1 (requires 2 x air filters) 2000
Honda XL1000 V-X,Y,1,2 Varadero 1999-2002
Honda CB1100 SF-Y 2000-2003
Honda CBR1100 BlackBird 1997-1998
Honda CBR1100 XX BlackBird 1999-2006
Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin (Requires 2 x air filters) 2020
Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin DCT (Requires 2 x air filters) 2020
Honda ST1100 A, L-G 1990-1995
Honda ST1100 L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y Pan European 1990-2000
Honda ST1100 ABS-TSC 1992-1998
Honda ST1100 X,Y,1,2 Pan European CBS-ABS-TSC 1999-2002
Honda VT1100 C Shadow 1989-1995
Honda VT1100 1100 1995-1998
Honda VT1100 Shadow Spirit 1999-2007
Honda VT1100 Shadow Sabre 1999-2007
Honda VT1100 Shadow Aero 1998-2002
Honda VT1100 Shadow 1999
Honda VT1100 Shadow American Classic Edition 1998
Honda VT1100 Shadow Ace Tour 1998-2002
Honda GL1500 Gold Wing 1988-1993
Honda GL1500 A Gold Wing Aspencade 1991-2000
Honda GL1500 I Gold Wing Interstate 1991-1996
Honda GL1500 SE Gold Wing 1990-2001
Honda GL1500 Black Widow 2001
Honda GL1500 F6C Valkyrie 1997-2003
Kawasaki ZXR250 1991-1993
Kawasaki EX300 Ninja 300 2013-2016
Kawasaki EX300 Ninja 300 SE 2014-2015
Kawasaki EX300 Ninja 300 2013-2017
Kawasaki EX300 Ninja 300 ABS KRT Edition 2017
Kawasaki EX300 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition 2017
Kawasaki Z300 (ER300) 2014-2018
Kawasaki Z300 (ER300) ABS 2015-2016
Kawasaki KLE300 Versys-X 2017-2020
Kawasaki KLE300 Versys-X 2017-2020
Kawasaki EX 400 Ninja 2018-2019
Kawasaki EX400 Ninja ABS 2018-2020
Kawasaki EX400 Ninja ABS KRT 2019
Kawasaki Z400 ER400 D-KF,LF 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZR400 D1 Xanthus (Japan)  
Kawasaki ZX400 H2 (ZX-4) 1988-1990
Kawasaki ZX400 L (ZXR400) 1991-2002
Kawasaki ZX400G (ZX-4) (Japan) 1987-1988
Kawasaki ZX400 (ZZR400) (Japan)  
Kawasaki ZX400 H1 (ZXR400R) (Japan) 1989-1990
Kawasaki ZX400 (ZXR400R) (Japan)  
Kawasaki EN500 A1,A2,A3,A4 1990-1994
Kawasaki EN500 B1,B2,B3,B4 1990-1996
Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan 500 Ltd 1997-2002
Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan Ltd 2007-2009
Kawasaki ER500 A1-A4,B1-B4 (ER-5) 1996-2000
Kawasaki ER500 C1,D1 (ER-5) 2001-2002
Kawasaki ER500 C3,C4P,C5P (ER-5) 2003-2006
Kawasaki ER-5 Twister (35ps) & (50ps) 1999
Kawasaki EX500 A5-A7 (GPZ500 S) 1990-1993
Kawasaki EX500 D1-D3 (GPZ500 S) 1994-1996
Kawasaki EX500 D4-D9 (GPZ500 S) 1997-2002
Kawasaki EX500 D7F, D8F,D9F Ninja 500R 2007-2009
Kawasaki KLE500 A1-A12 1991-2002
Kawasaki KLE500 B6F,B7F 2006-2007
Kawasaki ZZR500 1990-1996
Kawasaki ZX600 D1-D3 (ZZR600) 1990-1992
Kawasaki ZX600 E1-E9 (ZZR600) 1993-2001
Kawasaki ZX600 J7F,J8F (ZZR600) (USA) 2007-2008
Kawasaki ZX600 F1-F3 (ZX6-R Ninja) 1995-1997
Kawasaki ZX600 G1-G2 (ZX6-R Ninja) 1998-1999
Kawasaki ZX600 J1-J2 (ZX6-R Ninja) 2000-2001
Kawasaki ZX600 P7F,P8F (ZX6-R Ninja) 2007-2008
Kawasaki ZX600 R9F,RAF,RAFA,RBF,RCF,RDF (ZX6-R Ninja) 2009-2013
Kawasaki ZX600 (ZX6-R Ninja) Performance 2011-2012
Kawasaki ZX636 EDF,EEF,EFF,EGF,EGFA,EHF,EJF,HJF,HKF,HLF (ZX6-R Ninja) 2013-2020
Kawasaki ZX636 FDF,FEF,FFF,FFFA,FGF,FGFA,FHF,FJF (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS 2013-2018
Kawasaki ZX636 GKF,GLF,GLFA (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZX636 EHF,EHFA,EJF,EJFA (ZX6-R Ninja) KRT 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX636 FHF,FHFA,FJF,FJFA (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS KRT Edition 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX636 GJFA (ZX6-R Ninja) ABS KRT Edition 2019
Kawasaki EN650 Vulcan-S 2015-2020
Kawasaki EN650 Vulcan-S 2015-2020
Kawasaki EN650 Vulcan-S Cafe 2017-2020
Kawasaki EN650 Vulcan-S SE 2017
Kawasaki EN650 S Vulcan-S ABS Cafe 2015-2017
Kawasaki ER-6f (EX650) 2007-2008
Kawasaki ER-6f (EX650) 2009-2012
Kawasaki ER-6f (EX650) 2013-2016
Kawasaki ER-6n (ER650) 2007-2008
Kawasaki ER-6n (ER650) 2009-2012
Kawasaki ER-6n (ER650) (ABS) 2013-2016
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R 2006-2010
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R 2011-2012
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R (ABS) 2013-2016
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650 2017-2020
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650 ABS 2017-2020
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650 ABS KRT Edition 2017-2020
Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650 ABS KRT Edition 2019
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys 2008-2014
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys LT ABS 2015-2020
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys City 2011
Kawasaki KLE650 Versys Tourer 2011
Kawasaki Z650 (ER650 ) 2017-2019
Kawasaki Z650 (ER650) ABS 2017-2020
Kawasaki VN750 A15-A19 Vulcan 1999-2003
Kawasaki Z750 (ZR750) 2007-2010
Kawasaki Z750(ZR750) 2011-2012
Kawasaki Z750(ZR750) (ABS) 2011-2012
Kawasaki Z750 (ZR750) 2011-2012
Kawasaki Z750 (ZR750) (ABS) 2011-2012
Kawasaki Z750 R (ZR750) Black Edition 2012
Kawasaki Z750 S (ZR750S) 2007-2009
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZXR750) 1989
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZXR750) 1991-1992
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZXR750) 1991-1992
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZXR750) 1993-1995
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZXR750R) 1993-1995
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZX-7R) 1996-2003
Kawasaki ZX750 (ZX-7R) 1996-1999
Kawasaki VN800 A1-A8 Vulcan 1995-2002
Kawasaki VN800 B1-B6 Vulcan Classic 1996-2001
Kawasaki VN800 C1-C2 Drifter 1999-2000
Kawasaki VN800 E1,E2 Drifter 2001-2002
Kawasaki W800 ABF,ACF,ADF,AEF,AFF,AGF (EJ800) 2011-2016
Kawasaki W800 Special Edition 2012-2016
Kawasaki W800 CKF Cafe (EJ800) 2019-2020
Kawasaki W800 BKF Street (EJ800) 2019-2020
Kawasaki W800 DLF (EJ800) 2020
Kawasaki Z800 (ZR800) 2013-2016
Kawasaki Z800e (ZR800) 2013-2016
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Classic 2006-2012
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Classic 2013-2020
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Classic LT 2006-2012
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Classic LT 2013-2020
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Custom 2007-2012
Kawasaki VN900 Vulcan Custom 2013-2020
Kawasaki VN900 Classic SE Special Edition 2011-2014
Kawasaki Z900 (ZR900) 2017-2020
Kawasaki Z900 (ZR900 ABS) 2017-2020
Kawasaki Z900 RS (ZR900) 2018-2020
Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe (ZR900) 2018-2020
Kawasaki ZX900 (ZX-9R) 1994-1997
Kawasaki ZX900 (ZX-9R) 1998-1999
Kawasaki ZX900 (ZX-9R) 2000-2001
Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys 2012-2014
Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys LT 2015-2018
Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys 2019-2020
Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys LT ABS 2019
Kawasaki KLZ1000 Versys SE 2019
Kawasaki KLZ1000 DKF Versys SE LT ABS 2019
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000) 2007-2008
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000 ABS) 2007-2009
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000) 2010-2011
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000) 2012-2013
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000 ABS) 2014-2016
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000 ABS) 2018-2020
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000 ABS) R Edition 2017-2020
Kawasaki Z1000 SE 2014
Kawasaki Z1000 SE (ABS) 2014
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZR1000) Black Edition 2012
Kawasaki Z1000 (ZX1000) 2011-2019
Kawasaki Z1000 SX (ZX1000 ABS) 2011-2017
Kawasaki Z1000 SX City 2011
Kawasaki Z1000 SX Tourer 2011-2012
Kawasaki ZX1000 Ninja 1000 2011-2013
Kawasaki ZX1000 Ninja 1000 ABS 2014-2016
Kawasaki ZX1000 Ninja 1000 ABS (USA) 2017-2019
Kawasaki ZX1002 Ninja 1000 SX 2020
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja 2006-2007
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja 2008-2010
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja 2011-2015
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja ABS 2011-2015
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja 2016-2018
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja ABS 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja ABS 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja KRT Edition 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1002 RKFA) Ninja KRT Edition 2019
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1000) Ninja ABS KRT Edition 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX-10R (ZX1002 SKFA) Ninja ABS KRT Edition 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZX-10R SE (ZX1002 CJF) Ninja 2018
Kawasaki ZX-10R SE (ZX1002 HJF) Ninja 2019-2020
Kawasaki ZX-10RR (ZX1000) Ninja ABS 2017-2018
Kawasaki ZX-10RR (ZX1000 GJF) Ninja ABS 2019
Kawasaki ZX-14 F Ninja (ZX1400) 2006-2011
Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja (ZX1400) 2012-2016
Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja (ZX1400) 2017-2020
Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja (ZX1400) 2017-2020
Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX1400) 2006-2011
Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX1400) 2012-2020
Kawasaki ZZR1400 (ZX1400) Special Edition 2013
Kawasaki ZZR1400 Performance 2011-2013
Kawasaki ZZR1400 Performance Sport 2013-2020
Kawasaki ZG1400 (GTR1400) 2008-2020
Kawasaki ZG1400 (GTR1400) 2008-2010
Kawasaki VN1500 B1-B6 Vulcan SE 1987-1993
Kawasaki VN1500 A1-A9 Vulcan 1987-1995
Kawasaki VN1500 A10-A12 Vulcan 1996-1998
Kawasaki VN1500 Vulcan VV 1994-1997
Kawasaki VN1500 D1,D2,E1 Classic 1996-1998
Kawasaki VN1500 N7F,N8F Classic 2007-2008
Kawasaki VN1500 G1 Classic Tourer 1998
Kawasaki VN1500 L1 Nomad Fi 2000
Kawasaki VN1500 L1H Classic Tourer Fi 1999-2000
Kawasaki VN1600 A7F,A8F Classic 2007-2008
Kawasaki VN1600 B7F,B8F Mean Streak 2007-2008
Kawasaki VN1600 D7F, D8F Nomad 2007-2008
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Classic 2009-2014
Kawasaki VN1700 DBF Vulcan Classic Tourer (ABS) 2011-2014
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Classic LT 2009-2010
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Nomad 2009-2013
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Nomad (ABS) 2014-2016
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Voyager 2010-2013
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Voyager (ABS) 2010-2020
Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Voyager Vaquero 2011-2020
Kawasaki VN1700 KBF Vulcan Voyager Custom (ABS) 2011-2014
Kawasaki VN2000 A7F Vulcan 2007
Kawasaki VN2000 Vulcan 2008-2009
Kawasaki VN2000 Vulcan Classic 2006-2007
Kawasaki VN2000 H8F,H9F Vulcan Classic 2008-2009
Kawasaki VN2000 J8F,J9F,JAF Vulcan Classic LT 2008-2010
Yamaha FZR250 EXUP MK-4,5,6,7 (Japan) 1991-1994
Yamaha FZR400 RR EXUP 1990-1994
Yamaha XJR400 1992-1998
Yamaha FZ6 2004-2006
Yamaha FZ6 Fazer 2004-2006
Yamaha FZR600 1991-1993
Yamaha FZR600 1994-1999
Yamaha XJ600 H,N 1991-1992
Yamaha XJ600 S-D,E,F,G,H Diversion 1992-1996
Yamaha XJ600 S Diversion 1997-2003
Yamaha XJ600 N Diversion 1997-2003
Yamaha XS600 SD,SDC 1992
Yamaha XS600 SG,SGC 1995
Yamaha YZF600 R-G,GC,H,HC Thundercat (USA) 1995-1996
Yamaha YZF600 R-H,HC Thundercat 1996
Yamaha YZF600 R-J,JC,K,KC,L,LC,M,MC Thundercat 1997-2000
Yamaha YZF600 R-N,NC,P,PC.R.RC Thundercat 2001-2003
Yamaha YZF600 R-S,SC,T,TC,V,VC,W,WC (USA) 2004-2007
Yamaha YZF-R6 1999-2002
Yamaha YZF-R6 2003-2005
Yamaha YZF-R6 S 2006-2010
Yamaha FZR750 (OW01) 1990-1992
Yamaha YZF750 R 1993-1998
Yamaha YZF750 SP 1993-1998
Yamaha YZF-R7 1999-2001
Yamaha XJ900 S Diversion 1994-2003
Yamaha FZR1000 RB,RD,RE,RF (EXUP) 1991-1994
Yamaha FZS1000 Fazer 2001-2005
Yamaha GTS1000 A (Air Filter - 2pcs x HFA4909 required) 1993-2000
Yamaha YZF1000 Thunder Ace 1996-2002
Yamaha YZF-R1 1998-2001
Yamaha YZF-R1 2002-2003
Yamaha YZF-R1 2004-2006
Yamaha YZF-R1 LE 2006
Yamaha YZF-R1 SP 2006
Yamaha VMX1200 (V-Max) 1996-2007
Yamaha XVZ13 AH,AHC,ATH,ATHC,AT Royal Star 1996-1998
Yamaha XVZ13 A Royal Star 1999-2002
Yamaha XVZ13 TF Royal Star Venture (2pcs x HFA4918 required) 2000-2010
Yamaha XVZ13 TFS Royal Star Venture S (2pcs HFA4918 required) 2008-2013
Yamaha XVZ13 TFM Royal Star Midnight Venture (2pcs x HFA4918 required) 2003-2007
Yamaha XVZ13 TM Royal Star Midnight Tour Deluxe (2pcs x HFA4918 required) 2006
Yamaha XVZ13 A Royal Star Boulevard 1999-2001
Yamaha XVZ13 Tour Classic 1997-2000
Yamaha XVZ13 CT Royal Star Tour Deluxe (2pcs x HFA4918 required) 2005-2009
Yamaha XVZ13 CTS Royal Star Tour Deluxe S (2pcs x HFA4918 required) 2008-2010
Yamaha XV1600 A Road Star 1999-2003
Yamaha XV1600 AT Road Star Silverado 1999-2003
Yamaha XV1600 ATLE Road Star Silverado Limited Edition 2003
Yamaha XV1600 AS Road Star Midnight 2002-2003
Yamaha XV1600 ALE Road Star Limited Edition 2003
Yamaha XV1600 A Siverado 2001
Yamaha XV1600 A Wild Star 2000-2004
Yamaha MT-01 2005-2011
Yamaha XV1700 PC Road Star Warrior 2002-2009
Yamaha XV1700 PC-F Road Star Warrior (with Flames) 2006-2008
Yamaha XV1700 PCM Road Star Midnight Warrior 2005-2009
Yamaha XV1700 A Road Star 2004-2009
Yamaha XV1700 A Road Star S 2009-2015
Yamaha XV1700 A-F Road Star 2007
Yamaha XV1700 AM Road Star Midnight 2004-2007
Yamaha XV1700 AT Road Star Silverado 2004-2010
Yamaha XV1700 AT Road Star Silverado S 2009-2015
Yamaha XV1700 ATM Road Star Midnight Silverado 2007
Yamaha XV1700 ATM Road Star Silverado Midnight Edition 2004-2006
Yamaha XV1700 AW Road Star Cast Wheels 2005-2006
Yamaha VMX1700 V-Max 2009-2020
Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner 2006-2010
Yamaha XV1900 M Roadliner Midnight 2006-2009
Yamaha XV1900 S Roadliner 2006-2010
Yamaha XV1900 C Raider 2008-2010
Yamaha XV1900 C Raider S 2009-2010
Yamaha XV1900 CT Stratoliner 2006-2010
Yamaha XV1900 CTM Stratoliner Midnight 2006-2008
Yamaha XV1900 CTS Stratoliner S 2006-2010
Yamaha XV1900 A Midnight Star 2006-2010
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