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Koboldbike Kobo K34 Side Panniers

  • S$1,000.00

Koboldbike Kobo 34 Side Panniers

Essential suitcase that allows the muffler side to be unloaded with measurements given by the customer, body composed of two riveted pieces to restore or replace the damaged piece, 15/10 thick aluminum cover entirely welded with perimeter bevel for greater passenger comfort, suitable for who uses the bike every day on all terrains.


The KOBO suitcases are supplied with a single opening key: they can be customized with a choice of colors and / or with protective films. Cases entirely in aluminum made from laser-cut and folded “peraluman” sheet, waterproof with the following characteristics:
- body : 20/10 thickness with riveted bottom, powder-coated in a choice of color;
- lid : beveled, thickness 15/10 welded, powder coated, color of your choice;
- bottom : welded beveled 15/10 thickness, powder coated, color of your choice;
- hinges : in 304 stainless steel, allow you to open and remove the lid from the suitcase;
- closure: 20/10 stainless steel lever with lock protected by a cap;
- gaskets : resistant to water and dust embedded in the lid and easily replaceable;
assembled with stainless steel blind rivets that guarantee a watertight seal;



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