Komine JK-163 High Protect Cool Dry Parka Motorcycle Jacket

  • S$230.00


  • A comfortable protective parka with elasticity, breathability and water repellency.
  • Full protection specification with shoulder, elbow, chest and back protectors as standard equipment.
  • Comfortable parka with elasticity, breathability, and water repellency.
  • Uses a three-dimensional pattern that makes it easy to take a riding posture
  • Equipped with resin sliders - shoulders
  • CE standard hard protector standard equipment (S to 6XLB) shoulders, Elbow
  • CE standard level 2 soft protector standard equipment (WM . WL) shoulder, elbow.
  • Adjuster to suppress fluttering Arm, Waist
  • EVA pad standard equipment (Spine)
  • Chest protector standard equipment
  • Night Reflector (chest) (back) to increase visibility
  • Optional hard type back protector can be attached
  • Anti-counterfeiting 4D label
  • Materials : [outshell] polyester, spandex [lining] polyester
  • Reflector : Equipped with a reflector that enhances visibility at night

  • Copy Protection : With anti-counterfeit label applying special hologram technology

  • Mesh : Uses breathable mesh material

  • Elastic Fabric

  • Standard protectors on shoulders, elbows and spine

  • Air ventilation function

  • Komine CE Elbow / Knee

  • Elbow/Knee

  • 3D Mesh

  • 3D mesh pad

  • 3D Pattern

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