Komine PK 715 Kevlar Protection Denim Motorcycle Riding Jeans

  • S$70.00 S$140.00

Simple and durable riding jeans reinforced with Kevlar R Kevlar R made by DuPont, which has a proven track record in the field of safety protective clothing, is used for the lining of the knees and hips, which are easily damaged in the unlikely event of a fall, even if the denim of the outer material is torn. even, its high strength Kevlar lining, wear resistance, protects the body with incision resistance equipped with CE protectors and more knee (position adjustment-detachable) in, provided also impact basic looks above Riding jeans with high protection performance


  • Simple design Jeans with rugged Kevlar® reinforcement on key areas
  • Adjustable Komine CE approved knee armor equipped
  • Materials : Cotton, Kevlar®
  • Protectors : Knee
  • Standard equipment on the waist and knees

  • Komine CE Elbow / Knee

  • Available season

  • Komine Armors Technology

  • Komine Armor + Denim

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