Xam A5512X43 Premium Series Rear Sprocket

Model XAM A5512X43

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  • Hard hard anodized aluminum, disulfided Molybdenum and Teflon (surface)
  • Just hard anodized coating may cause seizure if the contact surface pressure is high or fine vibration or friction occurs in places where friction occurs.
  • This hard anodized has a self lubrication function and succeeded in improving the wear resistance performance in Sprocket.
  • Molybdenum disulfide that has penetrated throughout the pores of Anodized by electrodeposition reduces the frictional resistance of the hard coating to the Large width.
  • There is lubrication which is used for sliding parts with no lubrication.
  • In friction resistance test, durability performance several times higher than standard hard anodized.
  • About 130% -150% improvement compared with standard Anodized.