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Mitsuba Guardog Vise Guard II with Alarm Black

  • S$180.00


  • Brake and Throttle lock at the same time!
    • When installing Vise guard II, you can lock the Front tire by fixing the Throttle and locking with holding the Brake lever. This makes it easy for Motorcycle not to move.
  • Alarm with Security alarm with less malfunction
    • Sensor adopted high precision inclined sensor with less malfunction. Angle from stop position (About 9 degrees) 110 dB alarm Buzzer will warn you if it changes (15 seconds warning per turn, continuous warning until unlocking). Also, at warning SET, Body's Blue color LED blinks and intimidates.
  • High strength Body of security
    • Vise guard is composed of Die-casting body parts and extremely thick resin mixed with GlassFiber, and it has become a high-strength Body resistant to impact.
  • Small Type Design that emphasizes portability
    • Because it is easy to carry and install, we keep Large disappointing Motorcycle even when parking on the go, such as daily commuting and touring.
  • Wide mounting suitability
    • If it is a hydraulic Brake car, it can be installed in most Motorcycle. We also corresponded to special shape Lever.
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