Respro Techno Plus Mask Mary J

  • S$60.00 S$120.00
  • or 3 installments of S$20.00 with atome

The Respro® Techno Plus™ is the newest addition to our sports range and a move forward in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and style. The Techno Plus™ uses the Proseal® which provides better compliance to the range of face shapes of the global population. This in turn offers better performance and more comfort.

The Techno Plus™ uses a Techno™ filter, which comes fitted with the mask. It is combination of Hepa-Type™ and DACC™ filter media in one single filter, provides sub-micron (smaller than PM 2.5) dust, gas and vapour filtering capability. This is the best combination of filter specification for dealing with the broad spectrum of pollutants commonly found in major cities across the globe.

A crucial requirement for comfort, is the ability to expel heat and water vapour produced on each breathing cycle. The valves on the Techno Plus™ have been upgraded to Powa™ Elite exhalation valves for humidity control. 


  • Proseal® comes fitted
  • Upgraded to POWA Elite™ valves
  • Techno™ combination filter for chemical and particle filtration
  • Cinqro® style fastening plus extension
  • Made from Neoprene
  • Available in three sizes
  • Two sports styles, 'bang on trend'
  • Includes mesh bag for mask safe keeping


  • Improves sealing over a wider range of face shapes
  • Reduces inward leakage
  • Improved airflow
  • Reduces inhalation resistance
  • Filters Particulates ( PM2.5 & sub-micron particulates)
  • Filters unburnt fuel (VOC's, PAH's, LLO and NOX and SOX)
  • Fits without fuss
  • Velcro adjustment for optimal fit
  • Mask covering and Proseal® washable


  • All active urban pursuits where poor air quality exists
  • All year round wearable product

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