Rizoma LCJ710-02-BU-BR-AN-B 3D Motorcycle LCJ710 Clutch Lever

  • S$90.00


  • Aerodynamics and grip. The 3D levers were developed through detailed wind tunnel testing and analysis.
  • When used at high speeds such as circuits, the generated air pressure can have a large effect on the lever.
  • To mitigate this effect, the outer tip of the lever is recessed to minimize this pressure and improve performance.
  • This anodized aluminum billet lever can be finely adjusted by turning a spring-loaded dial, improving handling accuracy and reliability.
  • In addition, the articulated joint lever that can be "folded" reduces damage in the event of a fall.
  • The grip is enhanced by surface treatment, and the colored silicone ring is available in three colors. Not only is the range of customization wider, but the grip when using the lever is also improved.
  • 3D machining, machined aluminum parts
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