Rs Taichi RSB285 Motorcycle Waist Bag 5L

RS Taichi
  • S$70.00

Product information

  • A 5L size waist bag that is convenient for carrying valuables and PET bottles.
  • The front and main air chambers have pockets that are convenient for sorting luggage.
  • With a simple design that is easy to match with both casual and sporty, it is perfect for day trips and town use.
  • Capacity adjustment compression belt
  • Cushion pocket for smartphone in main pocket
  • Duraflex┬« buckle
  • Loosening prevention D-can

Product Details

Adjust capacity according to luggage

The compression belts on both sides of the front allow you to adjust the capacity when there is little luggage in the bag.

Protect your smartphone

Equipped with a cushion pocket in the main air chamber. It softens the impact on electronic devices such as smartphones and mobile batteries.

Key hook equipment

Equipped with a key hook in the front pocket. Makes it easy to store and remove motorcycle keys when getting on and off.

High fit and breathability

A mesh panel is placed on the surface that comes into contact with the body to improve breathability and fit.

Consideration for night time safety

It is equipped with a reflective material to ensure visibility at night.

For storing valuables and drinks

The bag capacity is 5L. You can store valuables and 500ml PET bottles.

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