Scorpio SRX 950 SR X950 RFID 2 Way FM Security Alarm System

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We live and ride bikes. We don't simply build products for the motorcycle industry, but rather we build those that we'd want to use ourselves.

For over two decades we have been manufacturing state of the art motorcycle alarms. While the technology has evolved over the years, our philosophy hasn't changed: Engineer and design the most innovative motorcycle security and monitoring solutions. We believe that the future of motorcycling is in enhancing the way we ride, and bringing in the modern endeavors we've become accustomed to everywhere else in our lives. We will continue to develop our products and services, and to bring forward thinking and ambitious technologies to our fellow riders.

The Scorpio SR-SRX950 introduces the next step in motorcycle alarms by incorporating the convenience of hand free operation to an ultra-compact 2 way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.


NEW – Scorpio SRX-950 Hands-Free Motorcycle Security System

The all new SRX-950 provides the convenience of hands-free operation combined with a compact two-way FM paging security system designed specifically for the motorcycle industry.

New SRX-950 Features:

•     Simplified 3-Wire Universal Installation – Connect the positive and negative cables directly to the motorcycle battery and use the included Posi-Tap connector to make a simple inline connection to a 12 volt switched power source. The SRX-950 will work with any motorcycle with a 12 volt electrical system.

•     Included Perimeter Sensor: Receive alerts when anyone gets too close, or tampers with your bags, accessories, or gear. The Perimeter Sensor is fully adjustable and can be easily switched on or off.

  • RFID hands-free technology links the remote to the alarm unit. This technology will detect when the remote is in the immediate range of the bike and automatically arm and disarm the system. Get on the bike and ride without the hassle of pressing buttons with your gloves on!
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption – The SRX-950 has been optimized to work with motorcycle batteries and draw the least amount of power as necessary. Sleep modes are automatic and limit the draw on the battery without sacrificing security.
  • Multiple remote capability – Multiple remotes can be programmed to each system simultaneously. TRX-8, and TRX-9 Remotes

Standard SRX Module Features:

  • Auto or manual arming and disarming
  • Ignition circuit sensor
  • Compact design (3 11/16″ x 2 3/4″ x 7/8″)
  • Dual-axis accelerometer for detecting impact/inclination
  • Built-in 120dB multi-tone siren
  • Smart Battery Safeguard with sleep mode
  • Remote motorcycle finder/panic alarm
  • Built-in battery backup system allows the pager to operate even if wires are cut or circumvented

Included TRX-9 remote features:

  • Long-range rechargeable FM transceiver (up to a 1/2 mile)
  • Audible/vibrating alert
  • Alert violation display direct to your remote
  • Motorcycle battery voltage display
  • Includes charging cord for remote receiver
  • Range and signal status display


Optional Accessories:

  • Optional Ignition Disable/Anti-Hijack (RID-5): Allows disabling of the motorcycle’s electrical system. This advanced ignition kill will immobilize the ignition system to prevent “hot wiring” and allow the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of hijack scenarios.

Additional Remotes: TRX-8 one button RFID remote, or TRX-9 two-way RFID remote

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