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Scottoiler RM 150180 Mounting Plate (Stainless Steel)

Scottoiler RM 150180 Mounting Plate (Stainless Steel)

  • S$9.00

The Scottoiler chain lube systems, for which Scottoiler is now widely know, clean and lubricate the chain.  The solution was originally designed for motorcycle chains, but we also do a similar product for bicycles too. With motorcycle chains a coating of oil or grease protects the chain from wear and corrosion. However, road dirt tends to adhere to the oil and this combination of dirt and oil forms a grinding paste that increases friction and accelerates chain wear. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to clean the chain often.  This used to require the chain to be removed from the sprockets and immersed in a bath of solvent which was a tedious and messy chore, often leading to staining of the cleaners' hands and clothing. Fraser wanted his invention to prevent this by significantly reducing chain wear.  The Scottoiler not only does this but it also improves performance along with other benefits such as improved fuel economy.  Fraser Scott’s invention has since changed people’s perceptions of what can be expected from the life of a chain and sprockets.

The stainless steel Mounting Plate can be used to extend the mounting position of the dispenser plate, providing a number of different dispenser installation options.

This part has multiple uses dependent on which bike you're fitting to and the type of solution you're looking for. Designed to connect to the Dispenser Plate it's a very versatile little tool.

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