SCSETC Helmet Bluetooth Intercom SCS S7 EVO

  • S$69.00

The SCS S-7 is a simple to use, cost effective Bluetooth Unit which will pair to your phone so you can listen to music, navigation and take calls.It will also pair to other SCS S-7 units to make an easy to use Rider to pillion intercom.

The SCS S-7 uses Bluetooth 4.1 CSR chip set. It is fitted with a 200mAh battery giving 4 hours of use with a range of 10m.

The speakers(40mm diameter x 10mm thick) easily fit inside your helmet lining with the sturdy but small stalk microphone sitting in the front of your helmet.

SCS S-7 Evo Key Specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 and CSR Chipset
  • Connection Distance up to 10m
  • Working time 4 - 8 hours depending on talk time
  • Stand by 120 hours
  • Charge time 2 hours
  • Speaker diameter 40mm
  • Battery Capacity 200Ah
  • Connections USB
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