SCSETC Helmet Dual Camera Bluetooth Intercom SCS S12

  • S$315.00 S$420.00
  • or 3 installments of S$105.00 with atome


  • 2K HD front camera
  • 1080P rear Camera
  • Bluetooth group intercom
  • Front & Rear Dual Camera - Equipped with sony 6G+blue wave lens,F/NO+2.0, Buddha girl 142 degree, 2K high definition camera,you can look ahead and look back,making riding more exciting and more safety.
  • 2K HD Camera - Adopted sony HD sensor, 2K HD Lens group and dual front and rear cameras,which can clearly show every detail and record a beautiful journey
  • Easy to disassemble and install free to adjust - Easy to disassemble and install, getting rid of the limitations of the vehicle.The front is equipped with a swivel base,which can be rotated 360 degree and the camera angle can be adjusted as you like,and the rear camera can be adjusted by 150 degree.
  • Blutooth 5.0
  • Blutooth 5.0/EQ-3 EQ sound effects, which you can choice one that you like, make riding mor exciting.
  • WIFI-APP dynamic recording setting
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