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Spy Alarm LM208T6-RFID - Motorcycle Alarm

Spy Alarm
  • S$45.00


  • Protect your motorcycle or scooter economically and effectively with an ally of modern RFID technology. The LM208T6 RFID SPY Universal alarm is an advanced alarm system equipped with the "smart" RFID keychain type card.
  • The anti-theft system SPY LM 208T6 is based on the dynamic and two-way communication of the "smart" RFID personal card and the central unit installed in the motor of the two-wheeler.
  • Arms and disarms automatically only when the personal "smart" RFID card is within walking distance of the main unit installed in the engine.
  • When a copy or wrong card comes in contact then the alarm makes a distinctive sound and at the same time locks the motorcycle engine. Key features and functions of the smart "key".
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