Topdon TB8000 Intelligent Pulse Agm Wet Gel Mf Efb 12V

  • S$150.00


One Charger Does It All

  • Get 6 Charging Modes with this versatile tool: 12V8A Norm, 12V8A Cold, 12V8A Lithium,12V3A Small Norm, 6V8A Norm,and 12V Repair. With this wide variety, choose the mode that suits your needs best.

  • The TB8000 offers two charging currents of 8A and 3A for batteries from 15Ah to 260Ah.

Unbelievable Compatibility

  • With the TB8000, you'll be able to charge batteries in cars, motorbikes, yachts, trucks, lawnmowers, SUVs, MPVs, tractors, and much more!

  • Offering the coverage you’ve been looking for, it is suitable for AGM, LI, WET, GEL, MF, CAL, EFB, and other battery types.

9-Step Smart Charging For Extra Safety

  • TB8000’s 9-Step Smart Charging System supplies users with cutting-edge technology that automatically identifies the battery status and outputs the most appropriate current. With this device, there is no worry of damaging your batteries anymore!

Waterproof & Dust Resistant

  • This battery charger comes in an ABS flame-retardant housing that is also IP65 waterproof & dustproof. Use your TB8000 to charge batteries even on rainy days!

Safety Features That Match The Power

  • With outstanding safety features, the TB8000 offers 5 built-in protection systems against reverse polarity, reverse charges, short circuit, overheating, and over-voltages. The TB8000 features an innovative spark elimination technology.

Portable, Durable, Heavy-Duty

  • With the TB8000, you get a high-quality device that you can store in your garage or toolbox for years! This long-lasting investment offers the reliability you need for any battery emergency.


1 TB8000
1 Premium Battery Clamps
1 Carrying Bag
1 User Manual

TB8000 Product Brochure


One Year Warranty

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