Vidoar Motoeye E6 Helmet Smart HUD System

  • S$800.00

Vidoar Motoeye E6 Helmet Smart HUD System

  • The wireless CarPlay system allows you to use iPhone safely while riding,CarPlay can synchronize the navigation software, music software, Siri voice assistant. Put your mobile phone in your pocket, just go.
  • The OS run independently : The CarPlay interface displayed on the HUD does not interfere with the mobile phone interface.
  • Split screen display : View the route, music or phone information being navigated at the same time.
  • Support for navigation Apps : Support mainstream third-party navigation APPs, such as Google Map, Apple map, Waze and so on.
  • Support for music Apps : Support mainstream third-party music software, such as QQ Music
  • Hey, Siri : Make phone calls, set navigation destinations, and switch music. All these are left to Siri voice assistant.
  • HUD (Head-Up Display), Present the driving assistance information in front of drivers. It was first used in military fighter planes and has become popular in high-end automobiles in recent years.

E6 Product Parameters

  • CPU : 8Core 1.8GHz
  • Headset : Stereo 40mm headset
  • RAM : 2GB
  • Microphone : Soft and hard mic
  • Optical FOV : 24°
  • Noise reduction : ADSP noise reduction
  • Display panel : OLED
  • TF Card : Supported up to 256GB
  • Resolution : 640x400
  • Data interface:  Турес
  • Contrast ratio : 10000:1
  • Upgrade method : OTA or TF Card
  • Flash lamp : Not available
  • Battery : 1400mAh Built-in battery
  • Rearview camera : 1080p 30fps
  • Waterproof grade : IP66 (host)
  • Camera FOV : 120°
  • Product size : 90x79x23mm (host)
  • Networks : WIFI5
  • Product weight : Host with holder 85g
  • Bluetooth : Dual mode Bluetooth
  • Package size : 231x113x85mm
  • Navigation : GPS
  • Package weight : 680g
  • IP66 WaterProof

Safe Driving High Technology

  • Smart Head Up Display
  • Navigation
  • CarPlay
  • Mesh Communication Bluetooth
  • Streaming Rearview Mirror
  • Driving Recorder
  • Personalized Colorful Trim
  • Changeable Atmosphere Lamp

Not Just a Helmet Bluetooth Headset


  • Intelligent : Independent Android OS, Intelligent riding assistant
  • Visible : Navigation route, Call information
  • Audible : Quad-core bluetooth, Noise reduction
  • Recordable : Cycling data, Driving video
  • Powerful : Meet all your needs on driving
  • Safe : Head up while cycling, the navigation information is in front of you
  • Cool : Colorful Trim, Changeable Atmosphere Lamp
  • Playability : CarPlay, 8-core CPU, 4-core Bluetooth, More OTA applications
  • Rear Installed Host : Reduce wind resistance, Aerodynamic compliance

Advanced Optical Display Technology


  • Sony Micro OLED panel
  • AR free-form module
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Resin chamfer
  • Magnetic suction fixed base
  • Extendable connecting rod

Information is Displayed in Front of You

When Riding at High Speed, Heads Down of The Moment will easyly cause accidents. HUD can display navigation and driving assistance information above the line of sight, and the virtual image size is similar to the 55-inch TV at 3 meters.

Handlebar Bluetooth Controller

Safe control, No need to leave the handlebar Waterproof design, Quick assembly structure

1080P Streaming Rearview Mirror Reduce the blind area of vision, improve driving safety

  • The camera can be adjusted up and down
  • 120° Wide angle full HD camera

Changeable Atmosphere Lamp

  • Settable light color
  • Support running light and breathing light Support to follow the rhythm of music

Multy Communication Modes

  • Full Duplex Mesh Intercom
  • Mesh network communication technology
  • Dynamic network topology adjustment
  • The maximum communication distance for 9 node is 4 km

Public Network Communication

  • Unlimited distance and equipment
  • Support communication with up to 15 people

Wireless Connection with Intercom

  • Wireless audio and PTT
  • Stable intercom in sections with
  • many obstacles or no network (HUD host,Intercom, PTT)

Mobilephone Screen Mirroring

This can mirror the mobile phone screen wirelessly to the HUD virtual screen through WiFi, and synchronize the mobile phone voice to the HUD headset

40mm High Quality Dynamic Headset


  • Support soft and hard microphones
  • Suitable for various helmets

Specially Tuning Bluetooth for Cycling


  • Display caller information
  • Professional ADSP noise reduction chip
  • Clear communication at 120Km/h
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