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  •     PEDIC doesnt eliminate smell itself. PEDIC works to remove microorganisms like bacteria and fungus, which live and proliferate in your Helmets, causing bad smell of your Helmets and feet. It is also a sterilization device that eliminates a vast variety of microbial, pathogenic and viral microorganisms responsible for different illnesses and sicknesses.
  •     Germicidal rays on PEDIC will destroy nucleic acids and disrupt DNA of most micro organisms within a few minutes, leaving them unable to perform their vital cellular functions .
  •     PEDIC prevents smells; it does not eliminate them.
  •     If you're using PEDIC with your new Helmets from the beginning, your Helmets shouldn't have bad smells.
  •     For best results with your old Helmets that may have bad scents already, it'll be better to wash Helmets first before using the PEDIC sterilizer.
  •     PEDIC will decrease bad smells on your old Helmets as long as you apply PEDIC every time after you wear them. The smells will be gone gradually because bacteria that is causing the smells cannot live in your Helmets any longer.
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